About Killdeer Pottery

Killdeer pottery is the love of building personal and social relationships of meaning into beautiful functional pottery. The bird from which we derive our name is elusive pretending to be one way while she lures potential predators away from the nest identifying completely one way while being another. In this analogy we find inspiration. A game of sorts where a seemingly simple pot can have so much myth and story imbued into it.

Hendall Loeffler

Potter & Co-Founder of Killdeer Pottery

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Inspired by the Japanese principal of Wabi-Sabi the world view centered around the acceptance of transience and imperfection Hendall creates ceramic works that find beauty outside of perfect aesthetic forms. Primarily Hendall’s work is motivated by the desire to create and cultivate relationships with the natural world, others, and ourselves within the medium of wheel thrown pottery.

If I was a furniture maker I would make all of my friends rocking chairs so that they can have a place to sit and rest. A chair that would provide them a moment of tranquility in every afternoon. I would build them shelves to support whatever it is they care about. I would build a bed and that bed would in a way take care of them.

This is how I hope to approach pottery.

A cup that reminds you every day of someone close to you.

Something that nourishes you.

Something between one thing and another that invigorates both.

Hendall Loeffler has been a small scale organic farmer for the past six years and is at a crossroads where they are transitioning towards full time work as a potter.  The work they are making aspires to being a bridge that synthesizes elements of gardening and astrology by building clay homes for the abundance of plant life at their home nursery.